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In Centurion Professional Realty we understand that as a new agent you are eager to start, and to start with the right feet. We offer our agents a personalized training that includes the legal aspect of the business: the contract from A to Z, the addendums and disclosures, the importance of a well written offer, etc. as well as the art of negotiating with a seller, a buyer or another agent. We provide our agents with all the resources needed to succeed in this great business: literature, advertising, marketing tools, technology, company Web Site, free advertising material, graduated commission option, etc.

Marketing Programs

Centurion Professional Realty provides a complete and professionally designed advertising material to help the new agent to be introduced to the homebuyers and sellers in the area or the experienced Real Estate Agent to continue to be recognized in the business.

Web Site

Our web site can give you the exposure and recognition necessary to introduce yourself in all the different areas of residential (condominiums, townhouses, luxury houses, etc) and commercial real estate.

Free Advertising Materials

Just Listed and Just Sold flyers are available for the agent free of charge on their listings and/or sales transactions.

Graduated Commission Options

This program motivates the committed agent to achieve his goals and to increase his productivity at the same time.

Personalized Training

In Centurion Professional Realty we offer training at flexible hours depending on agent schedule.


Buying or Selling

In Centurion Professional Realty our goal is to provide you with the best service, honesty and knowledge to make your transaction as smooth as possible. Our Quality Service Survey we receive after a transaction is closed, is designed to detect the minimum discomfort a client felt during the process in order to prevent it in the future. Your complete satisfaction is the result of our efforts. And because “action speaks louder than words”, give us the opportunity to show you how we get the best results for you weather you are buying, selling or simply thinking about it.

Searching for a Home?

We'll help you find the righ one!

This process appears to be the first step in the entire home buying experience, however, before searching for a property it is very important to inform the buyer of some basic concepts such as:
Factors to evaluate a neighborhood | Types of properties | How much can he or she afford | The home inspection and the appraisal importance
We encourage you to review some books about the topic as well as research on line resources:,, etc.
We have available a Home Buyer's Kit that contains a lot of useful information regarding the purchase of a home. Give us a call for your free copy or order it online. At this point, once you have a basic idea of the process, the most intelligent decision you can make is to choose a Realtor.
A buyer representative works for the buyer and represent him/her before the seller. A realtor knows different areas, neighborhoods, subdivisions, the market values, financing programs, negotiation tips and very important: He/she will make the follow up necessary to close the transaction. Additionally a realtor may help in the moving phase providing check lists that contribute to avoid the hassles of the move.

Searching the property for you

In Centurion Professional Realty we believe your time is gold, we understand your needs and requirements and we carefully select the properties that best fit your desires. We don't rest until you are completely satisfied with the selection you make. We believe that the perfect house for you exists and we'll find it.

Negotiating the best deal

Your Realtor is a key element at this moment. He/she as a real estate professional has the experience and the skills to obtain the best deal for you. Your agent will be ready to submit the offer once you make the decision to buy and you can be sure he’ll drive the extra mile at this moment to get the home you want. In our company, all the agents are professionally trained and have access to a variety of resources that contribute to achieve a "win -win" situation always essential in a negotiation.

Closing the transaction

Real estate companies usually provide escrow services that allow their clients to make their deposits. Deposits are fundamental at the settlement and must be transferred to the closing company. At this point a realtor is essential. He/she makes the final inspection with the buyer, advice the buyer regarding his settlement costs, the documents the buyer should bring to the closing table, etc. Finally and not less important, the realtor goes to the closing giving the client the peace and the confidence necessary in the event the buyer has not being represented by a lawyer.

This important step in everyone’s life requires the knowledge and experience of a professional. Get your professional real estate agent in Centurion Professional Realty today!

Are you thinking of selling your property?

In Centurion Professional Realty we really make the extra effort to get “top dollar” for you!! We just don’t talk, we show you the way we get the best results in the less possible time with the less inconvenience for you.
We provide the seller with different options and packages that fit every situation because we work closely with our clients, listen to their special needs and care about it. We have the flexibility you want when you are ready for a move!
We offer:

Price Analisys

This is a very important step. We understand the market, we know that sometimes a simple comparable market analysis is not enough.

Marketing Plan

A realistic marketing plan is provided to the seller in writing with all the necessary steps for a successful sale.

Qualify Prospective Buyers

In Centurion Professional Realty we understand the whole financing process which help us define the buyer’s ability to purchase your house. Some of our agents are also licensed mortgage brokers with an expertise in this area.

Negotiate to sell

Selling a property could be a very complicated transaction taking in consideration the existing rules, laws and regulations. The law of agency, the different options for the seller after reviewing the offer, the contingencies, the disclosures, etc are some of the different areas where an agent can help you. Our mission is to create a “win-win” situation where the buyer and the seller achieve primary objectives. Remember that your goal is to sell your home.


After taking good care of all the details in the transaction, date of closing is a “stress free” day for all the parties involved in the sale giving you time to enjoy this memorable moment. Our Closing Check list help you ensure that you won’t forget to cancel your utility services, your insurance or your forward address, for example.


This important step in everyone’s life requires the knowledge and experience of a professional. Get your professional real estate agent in Centurion Professional Realty today!

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